Reasons for Taking Proper Dosage With CBD Edibles

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CBD edibles are a popular method of consuming medical cannabis for a few different reasons. The edibles are healthier than smoking or vaping

How Does CBD Get Their Far-Out Names?

Do you ever wonder how your favorite CBD product got its great name? Cannabis strain names incorporate names from the systematic to the ludicrous, like Pre-98 Bubba Krush. Like our human names, the names of CBD strains have a meaning, a backstory behind them.

When The Name Game Began

The naming of cannabis plants began back in the 1960s and 70's when cannabis growers started bringing in wild strains from all over the world, dubbed "landrace strains." They transplant them here and breed them to create a more comprehensive variety of cannabis to deliver different effects or flavors. The names given were a clue to where they were grown, initially tossed in with a bit of fun effect. Afghan Kush, anyone? How about some Columbian Gold?

How Cannabis Gets Its Name

So how does a newly created cannabis hybrid get its unique and fun name? Every grower has their way of  naming their latest creation, but each uses a base set to develop a name skillfully.

The Parental Effect Combination

Using the name of the parents' strains and sometimes the effects the cannabis gives is used to come up with a unique name. For example, Dr. Who = Parents, Mad Scientist and Timewreck. While the cannabis name Blue Dream results from the parents' names Blueberry and Haze and the effects, this mix creates a dreamy, uplifting mental state. Hence, the term Blue Dream. So, for Blue Dream's case, the name is a result of the parent's strain's name and the results or effects the hybrid will give the user.

Physical Characteristics

Another way cannabis gets its name is by its physical characteristics too.
Such as White Widow, Grandaddy Purple, and Key Lime Pie. These all got their names due to their physical characteristics: White Widow, its white trichomes, Grandaddy Purple due to its purple foliage. Key Lime Pie due to its fruity doughy fragrance it gives off.

Tributes and Honors

Or they can be named after the breeders themselves (Ringo's Gift) or cannabis advocates (Jack Herer). Then some are named for historical and tribute reasons. The well-known Agent Orange is actually a tribute name in honor of a breeder's father who fought in the Vietnam War and died of cancer later due to the dangerous "Agent Orange" that was used during that time.

Sense of Humor

On the other hand, some can have no reason behind them at all (Squibilica, Zombie OG, Sleestack). Their meaning is likely an inside joke to the breeder, not revealing any benefit or information to the consumer.

As you can see, cannabis gets its funky names either due to its effects, its taste, its country's origin, as a tribute, or just a personal sense of humor. So the story is behind its name.


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