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Best Infused Cannabis Products to Stock Up on For Halloween

Oct 19, 2023David Gonzalez-Cameron

As Halloween approaches, the chill in the air and the rustling of fallen leaves signal the season of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. While costumes and spooky decorations set the stage for a thrilling night, there's a growing trend that's taking Halloween celebrations to new heights: infused cannabis products. This year, we're inviting you to embark on a journey that combines the spirit of Halloween with the joys of cannabis consumption. 

Forget the same old candy and caramel apples—this year, it's all about elevating your Halloween experience with cannabis-infused treats that'll make your taste buds tingle and your mind wander into the realms of the supernatural. Whether you're hosting a haunted gathering or simply unwinding with some friends on this eerie night, these cannabis-infused products promise to add an extra layer of excitement and relaxation to your Halloween festivities. 

From spooky gummies to wickedly good tinctures, join us as we explore the best offerings the cannabis market has to offer for a truly unforgettable Halloween experience. Get ready to carve pumpkins, light up the night, and indulge in the ultimate treat-yourself Halloween with these bewitching cannabis-infused delights.


1: Minny Grown: Attack of the Crazy Good Carameled Apples

Gotta hand it to Minny Grown here, 10 out of 10 on the story behind these delicious, limited edition, gummies. 

Friday, October 13th, was the day that changed us, all of us. It was an experiment at Minny Grown Laboratories that went awry. The project lead was Dr. Sibannac, a madman blinded by his ego and ambitions. He was infatuated with creating the world's greatest gummies. "Bigger and Bolder flavors!", his assistant Kush tried to stop him, only to be pushed into a vat of caramel and apple wedges.

The chamber lit up with 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity as the DNA accelerant hit the vat where Kush lay. Kush's DNA split and his rage melded with the caramelized apple transforming him into the first of the "Carmples"! Multiplying uncontrollably - these creatures now roam the earth searching for Dr. Sibannac so they can seek their revenge!" 


2: Zuuz Delta-9 THC Sweet Tarts

These Zuuz D9 Sweet Tarts bring you back to your childhood.

No, not like your cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. I’m talking about the days when you could be hopped up on sugar, run a mile, and go back to class. 

But… these also get you high. 

While these come in 8 different flavors, we love the Party Mix for this Halloween.


3: High Spirits Oracle Grapefruit/Lemon Seltzer

The Oracle, a beverage that transcends the ordinary, invites you to explore the realms of divine insight and indulgence. With a refreshing blend of effervescence, zesty Grapefruit, zingy Lemon, soothing Lavender, and calming Chamomile, this elixir is your ticket to a higher state of being.

Imagine sipping on The Oracle as it tickles your taste buds with its effervescent charm. The vibrant Grapefruit and zesty Lemon dance in harmonious celebration on your palate, while the Lavender and Chamomile weave a tapestry of tranquility around you. It's a sensory journey that beckons you to reach for the extraordinary.

The Oracle isn't just a drink; it's a vessel of divine advice, a gateway to moments of reflection and inspiration. So why wait? Imbibe this delicious elixir now and let it guide you to a realm where decadence meets enlightenment. It's time to elevate your senses and embark on a journey of taste and transcendence with The Oracle.


4: Granny’s S’Mores Pretzels

Get ready for a cannabis-infused experience like no other with our S'mores-Inspired Cannabis Pretzels! We've taken your favorite campfire treat and transformed it into a delectable cannabis product that's sure to spark joy.

These classic salty pretzels are anything but ordinary. Each one is meticulously dusted with dreamy amounts of cocoa, marshmallow, and graham cracker goodness, all infused with a precisely measured dose of premium cannabis. It's a fusion of flavors that will transport you back to those cozy nights by the campfire but with an elevated twist.

With every bite, you'll savor the rich cocoa notes, the gooey marshmallow sweetness, and the satisfying crunch of graham cracker, all while enjoying the gentle, balanced effects of cannabis. It's a journey of taste and relaxation that's perfect for those seeking a unique and delicious way to elevate their cannabis experience.

Whether you're sharing with friends around the firepit or savoring a moment of personal bliss, our S'mores-Inspired Cannabis Pretzels offer a delightful combination of nostalgia and cannabis craftsmanship. Indulge in the magic of campfire memories, elevated to a whole new level with this irresistible treat. Elevate your senses and embark on a journey of taste and tranquility today!


5: Retro Bakery Chocolate Bar

Retro Bakery is famous for its chocolate edibles and what better time of year to enjoy some chocolate than Halloween time? 

So, unwind and treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with Retro’s 50mg THC Milk Chocolate Bar. 

Each bar is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with creamy milk chocolate that gently melts in your mouth, offering an exquisite experience with every bite.

They’ve elevated the art of chocolate by infusing it with 50mg of THC, creating a harmonious union of taste and relaxation. With each square, you'll savor the delightful sweetness of chocolate while enjoying the gentle embrace of cannabis benefits.

Just make sure to keep these away from your kids ;) 


Wrapping Up the Best Infused Halloween Products

In the spirit of Halloween, we've unveiled a lineup of bewitching cannabis-infused delights that are sure to elevate your spooky celebrations to new heights. As the crisp autumn air settles in and the leaves rustle with an eerie whisper, it's time to swap out the traditional candy for something a bit more extraordinary.

From Minny Grown's crazy good Carameled Apples gummies, each with a story as wild as the night itself, to Zuuz Delta-9 THC Sweet Tarts that transport you back to carefree childhood days (with an added twist), the options are as diverse as the costumes at a masquerade ball.

For those seeking a more ethereal experience, the High Spirits Oracle Grapefruit/Lemon Seltzer beckons you to sip on divine insight and indulge in a symphony of flavors. It's a ticket to a higher state of being, a beverage that bridges the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

And who could forget Granny's S'Mores Pretzels? Cannabis-infused nostalgia takes on a new meaning with these classic salty pretzels, dusted with cocoa, marshmallow, and graham cracker goodness. It's a journey back to cozy campfire nights, now elevated to a whole new level.

Finally, Retro Bakery's 50mg THC Milk Chocolate Bar offers a timeless treat, meticulously crafted to deliver an exquisite fusion of creamy chocolate and cannabis-induced relaxation. A masterpiece in every square, it's the ultimate indulgence for those who dare to venture into the world of cannabis-infused delights.

So, as you carve pumpkins, light up the night, and embrace the spookiness of Halloween, consider these cannabis-infused treats your partners in mischief. Just remember to keep them out of the reach of little goblins and ghouls. Cheers to a Halloween filled with unforgettable moments, sweet delights, and a touch of the supernatural!

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