NO COAST: Pate De Fruit

Unlock a world of elevated indulgence with our THC-infused gummy collection. From the tropical allure of Pineapple Reign to the artful blend of Vanilla Pear'adise, and the harmonious Raspberry Velour, each gummy offers a sensorial journey. Crafted with care, these flavors are enhanced with THC for an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary.

NO COAST: Polvorones

Discover our refined THC-infused Polvorones, where gourmet flavors blend with legal THC relaxation. From Purple Ube's creaminess to Malt Chocolate's richness, Brown Butter's sophistication, and Golden Milk's exotic charm, experience a world of taste and calmness. Ideal for legal THC enthusiasts seeking an elevated dessert journey. unique blend of flavors and THC infusion. Explore a realm where culinary craftsmanship meets relaxation, perfect for those in legal THC regions seeking an elevated dessert experience.