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Jul 04, 2023BrillMark LLC

What does legalization mean for those with possession charges?

In Minnesota, a new law has been enacted to benefit residents who have received misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor possession convictions. Under this law, their criminal records will be expunged without the person having to request or go through the normal expungement process. However, due to the high volume of cases, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension estimates that it will take until August of the following year to process and handle all these expungements

The expungement process will primarily focus on individuals with less severe convictions, specifically those within the newly established possession limits. For individuals with more severe, or complicated convictions, there is still an opportunity to receive expungements or reduced sentences. These cases will be individually reviewed by a Cannabis Expungement Board that will be established for this purpose.

The Cannabis Expungement Board will carefully assess each felony offense to determine its eligibility for potential expungement. This board will likely consist of legal professionals, experts, and representatives who are knowledgeable about cannabis-related laws and their implications. Their role will be to thoroughly review the details of each case and make informed decisions regarding expungement possibilities.

The establishment of the Cannabis Expungement Board underscores the commitment of the state of Minnesota to address the past consequences of cannabis-related convictions. By individually reviewing felony offenses, the board ensures a fair and comprehensive evaluation of each case. taking into account the specific circumstances and factors surrounding the offense. This process aims to provide opportunities for individuals with more severe convictions to seek relief from the burdens of their past records.

Overall, these initiatives reflect Minnesota's efforts to reform its approach to cannabis-related offenses, offering a path towards criminal record expungement and reduced sentences. By implementing these measures, the state aims to provide individuals with a fresh start and an opportunity to move forward without the lasting stigma of a criminal record for cannabis possession.


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