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Minny Grown

Cannabis Infused Gummy Bars

THC Edible: THC Gummies 

Jump on the MINNY GROWN bandwagon with these delicious, THC-infused Gummy bars! Get 50 mg of THC in 4 tantalizing flavors. Unwrap your wild side and get munching! Ready to take a ride on the MINNY GROWN express? These gummy bars pack a punch of 50 mg of THC in a variety of mouthwatering flavors - all wrapped up in one delicious package! Give in to your cravings and join the fun with MINNY GROWN gummy bars.


5mg THC Per Serving | 10 Servings | 50mg THC Total

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jordan Jensen
Good flavor and effective

I feel like I usually need 10mg to feel really good, but these can pack a punch with just 5mg total. Would highly recommend

Good value

I get these a lot - great for the price!

Julie K

I like to drop gummies into soda or flavored water with frozen fruit in there. They slowly dissolve and I get to sip along with a really good anti-anxiety throughout the day. These gummies are softer, so they dissolve quicker and better. Mmm.

Shelby Miller
Small + mighty.

Quite nice - these were given largely as gifts but I kept a couple for myself. They do not have a strong weed flavor which makes them nice for beginners, or a quick munch. I didn't feel like the peach flavor was especially nice or strong, but it wasn't bad and went well with what is there for a weed flavor.

Pretty standard for how long it takes to kick in + lasts. Def worthwhile buy!

Symantha Byrd
Just get the normal gummies

Love this brand, but these just aren’t as good as their standard gummies